Revolution in Mutua Madrid Open


A revolution in the locker rooms of Mutua Madrid Open. The Spanish company Cryosense has taken much prominence with forward-looking cryotherapy cabins, ideal to maintain the players’ body ready for competition. With both cabins installed in the lockers room of the masculine and feminine seeded players in Caja Mágica, the best players of the world experience first-hand the benefits of the treatment.

The therapy is simple: in sessions of thermal contrast which last three minutes, where the temperature can go from 80ºC to -196ºC in just a few seconds, the players assist together to maintain the body in optimum conditions for the effort.

All of this is due to the application of dry cold coming from nitrogen vapor. The process favors the endorphins release of the body and provides a great wellness feeling during the session and the following hours after the treatment. Besides, it produces anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, stimulating the immune system. An excellent complete treatment which helps efficiently the body to get recovered after an intense exercise and which increases the energy.

The customers enter in the cabin and choose one of the 6 predetermined programs, depending on the desire aim of health, sports, aesthetics or wellness. Furthermore, each program incorporates a protocol with different techniques and products to boost the results.

“The treatment is having a huge success between players” María Sansó, Deputy Director and Key account manager of Cryosense, guarantees. “Rafa Nadal comes daily and nearly all the seeded players are having the treatment. Grigor Dimitrov, Novak Djokovic, Feliciano López, Lucas Pouille… All of them are giving us a very positive response to the sessions”.

The pilot experience takes place in Madrid, but Cryosense aspires to be present in much of the events in the calendar of ATP and WTA throughout the season.

The introduction of the therapy is giving its first steps in the professional sports field, but its presence in the medical field has a wide development. “Medical researches have been carried out to study the effects of cryotherapy in fibromyalgia, and the recovery capacity is great. Moreover, it helps palliating the skin diseases and it has very positive effects in the activation of the blood flow”.

Cryosense Company, the only one that counts with thermal-contrast cabins, presents an important international projection. “United States is our main customer, and it is very used in the wellness field there. From 400 to 800 calories are burned in each sessions”, Sansó explains. The body enters in alert state, it consumes its own fat to generate energy and maintain normal temperature. Regarding the skin, the constriction and the dilation of blood vessels improve the wrinkles appearance and the effect lasts from 6 to 8 hours”.

One of the advantages with respect to the ice baths is the fact of going to 196 below zero. In an ice bath, you are suffering for 10 minutes, the muscles get cold and you cannot go directly to train because you have a high risk of breaks. In the Cryosense cabin, even though you are at -196 degrees, the dermis stays at 5 degrees. That is a lot, because we are talking about reducing 31 degrees. But we reduce the enough temperature for the body to respond and generate collagen, endorphins, etc. As the muscle never gets cold, you can train without problems. Besides, when reactivating blood flow you also repair all the micro-breaks”.

In a tournament of revolutionary vigor as the Mutua Madrid Open, with technological novelties in each edition, the innovation comes up to the base of the pyramid: the players’ wellness.

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