Installation Guide

Install a Cryosense cabin

The cabin is powered by a 220V single-phase electric current and has a maximum consumption of 3500W.
For more details about the operating voltage of the cabin, please contact us.

Basic requirements:

  • The room must be at least 3 x 2 x 2,4 (lenght x width x height).
  • The room door must have a minimum width of 70cm.
  • It would be appropriate to have a false ceiling with a minimum height of 40 cm, or at least to have and electric log with dimensions of 35 cm x 30 cm, so that we can install the Cryosense room extractor that must be connected to the cabin. You should cut a hole with a diameter of 150 mm to communicate the extractor with the outlet tube of the cabin.
  • It is important to have a 20 cm flexible pipe route that leads to the exterior of the room. This way, we can wire the Cryosense room extractor to remove the overflowing or surplus gaseous nitrogen and the end of each session. Thereby we can maintain the indoor air quality.
  • In addition to the Cryosense room extractor, to better clean the air in the room it is recommended to have an air extractor at ground level that leads to the outside. Also, it is convenient to have a grille installed in the door or some other system to help renew the air.
Remember: It is very important to guarantee the air renewal.
  • The room access should be simple, preferably accesible by lift or at street level, to facilitate the assembly of the cabin and the replacement of gas bottles.

Cryosense es la única cabina de crioterapia fabricada en España.

Las cabinas Cryosense son adaptables a cualquier tanque de nitrógeno líquido (de 30 hasta 3000 litros) y a cualquier presión.